Prioritizing Pharmacists in Public Health

"Spreading knowledge about public health to create better communities"

Emily Kirkwold, PharmD, BCPS

Natural Family Planning Educator and Pharmacist at

Christina shared her advice and experience with me after just meeting me on LinkedIn. She not only gave me some tangible strategies to try, but also encouraged me to take the next step to grow my career. What really impacted me was when she shared some practical resources and connected me with someone else in her network who then also helped me on my career path. I highly suggest connecting with Christina!

Krystal Riccio, PharmD, BCACP

Dr. Madison has been a valuable resource for advancing my career in ambulatory care pharmacy.  Her support and encouragement over the years has consistently motivated me to achieve both professional and personal goals. She passionately advocates for her patients and communities to improve population health outcomes. Dr. Madison is a great resource for navigating through the process of instituting public health services within a clinical practice.

Dr. Trina Wiggins, MD

Dr. Madison and I are both volunteer health providers at Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past couple of years. She brings energy and positivity every day along with a sincere desire to help those in need. One particular situation that stands out involved one of my young deaf patients. This patient had a new hearing aid placed about two years ago and now it was not working. As a result, the patient began having difficulty in school. The mother called the company, but she was told it was out of warranty. The mother simply could not afford to replace it. When I shared the story with Dr. Madison, she jumped right in and began contacting her resources. Within minutes, Dr. Madison had located a company that would repair the hearing aid for free!! What a difference she made in the life of this child!!

Dr. Alan Greenberg, MD, FACP

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Christina Madison over the years in a number of venues including an academic hospital based consultative infectious disease setting, and most pertinently, in a collaborative practice at a Pubic Tuberculosis Clinic. I have observed her effectively interact in teaching, mentoring and consultative activities with students and practicing professionals in all heath care disciplines. In addition to her extensive and in-depth knowledge base in pharmacy and clinical issues relevant to Public Health, Christina’s energy and enthusiasm brightens every encounter; and her compassion and passion for providing care and support for underserved and neglected communities is her calling. She is a gifted mentor and teacher, dynamic and effective public speaker, knowledgeable and organized panel moderator, thoughtful and helpful consultant, and has become a valued colleague and friend.

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Dr. Madison has over 15 years of pharmacy experience with over 12 years specifically in the area of public health. She is currently an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice with Roseman University of Health Sciences (RU). She completed a pharmacy practice residency at the New Mexico VA Health Care System. She is credentialed with the Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVP), and was elected Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (FCCP) recognized for her contributions to the organization and the profession of pharmacy. She provides patient care at two clinical settings including Huntridge Family Clinic, which focuses on the LGTBQ community and is one of the largest providers of HIV prevention and gender affirming care services in the State of Nevada as well as Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (VMSN) where she offers immunization and communicable disease care.

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