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Cause Engagement Associates Webinar:
The Evolving Role of Pharmacists in Public Health with Dr. Christina Madison

Recent Podcasts

Conscious Pharmacist Podcast: A Conversation With Dr Christina Madison - Part 1

An open and honest conversation about sexual health and a pharmacist's role in STD and HIV prevention.

Conscious Pharmacist Podcast: A Conversation With Dr Christina Madison - Part 2

What Pharmacists need to know about human trafficking and how they can make a difference in their communities as the most accessible healthcare provider.

Transgender Patients

Chapter excerpt from the Women's and Men's Care Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Program by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. Review of gender affirming hormones and transgender care.

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Pharmacy Essentials for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

This CME/CPE-certified activity provides a comprehensive overview of HIV PrEP service provision from assessing patient eligibility to regimen administration and monitoring, with a primary focus on the role of pharmacists in expanding PrEP access and uptake for individuals at high risk of acquiring HIV infection.

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How Are Nonphysician Providers Changing the HIV Prevention Landscape?

Learn how nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists are joining the fight to increase PrEP uptake among individuals at high risk for HIV infection

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Pharmacy-Based PrEP Services: In-Depth Application

This CME/CPE-certified interactive video module provides in-depth expert perspectives on delivering and optimizing PrEP services in pharmacy settings with an emphasis on how pharmacists can provide a safe and inclusive environment to effectively assess HIV risk and improve access to HIV prevention for marginalized populations.

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The Case for On-Demand PrEP

Evidence based review of alternatives to daily dosing for HIV prevention for at risk populations.

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