Professional Speaker, Healthcare Media/Podcast Contributor, Consultant/Coach

"Spreading knowledge about public health to create better communities"

Professional Speaker

Dynamic, Entertaining, and Educational

Dr. Madison is an experienced professional speaker who has spoken at State, Regional, and National Conferences.

She has been on the speaker bureau and advisory board for 3 of the Top 20 Pharma Companies by Market Capital in first quarter 2019.

She is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and has teaching and mentoring student pharmacists for over 12 years in the area of public health. Teaching in the Infectious Disease and Men’s and Women’s Health portions of the curriculum. She is been providing Immunization Certificate training for student pharmacists and pharmacists since 2008 in both Nevada and Utah.


Enhancing Advanced Clinical Pharmacy Services

Dr. Madison provides professional coaching and mentorship for those pharmacists who want to “lean in” to their professional pivot.

Helping pharmacy professionals to reach their full potential by establishing advanced clinical pharmacy services to help their communities and move the pharmacy profession forward towards more direct patient care services and provider status.

As a national leader in public health policy, she has connections all across the country that can help any pharmacist achieve their professional goals.

Media Contributor

Credible, Reliable, and Respected Source for Healthcare Related Content

Dr. Madison is a Podcast and media contributor in the area of public health and public health policy. A trusted and reliable source for the most up to date evidence based medicine.

She has multiple publications to her credit related to this area of practice and is passionate about making sure that a culturally competent and consistent message is communicate to the public. She has been a contributor for local and state news organization content and national pharmacy organization newsletters and journals.


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